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Welcome to the Free Black World social media website, affectionately known as FBW. The mission of the site is very simple: Black Freedom. What does black freedom mean exactly? Black freedom means so much, it’s very difficult for it to be minimized to just one thing. The goal of the site is to offer black folks the ability to build, congregate, network, share and develop ideas that will help strengthen and create better black communities worldwide. A free black world has as much to do with economic strength, as it does financial freedom and self-reliance. A free black world is the epitome of the emancipation of mental slavery, as it is the removal of physical, emotional and psychological slavery. We are here to tear down the barriers, remove the obstacles and break the chains of slavery in all forms, that have lingered for so long in our communities. We are in a new era, and it’s about time we take control of our destiny, and steer our lives in the direction that will be for the betterment and advancement of all black people in the world. This place is our online community. In short, we are here to elevate and improve our communities in all facets. We are unapologetically black!

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